2017: A little sight reading from LA to bring in the holiday cheer!

Recorded Live at The Record House - Los Angeles, California 2015

Dana James, vocals, Pablo Flores, guitar, Jake Knox, bass, Kristen Klehr, cajón

0:00-1:02 Scheherazade Mvmt IV (cr. cym)

1:02-2:03 Maslanka's 4th Sym (bongos + tom toms)

2:03-2:31 Maslanka's 4th Sym (drum set: swing + rock/funk)

2:31-3:04 Maslanka's 4th Sym (tam tam)

3:04-3:21 Boris (glock)

3:21-3:32 Rodeo (xylo)

3:32-3:53 Organ Sym (tri)

3:53-4:45 Lincoln Portrait (tam tam +BD)

4:45-5:15 Pines of Rome (tambourine)

5:15-6:06 Bumblebee (marimba)