Masary Studios + Kadence Arts = Some fave Boston things (Oh hey, Maria..!)

I've known Maria Finkelmeier for years, and she just keeps cranking out the hits...innovation after innovation, ambition after ambition, project after project...take a second to check what she's currently got cooking:

One of their recent shows embodied the groove, artistry, music, and creative concert design that just gets my soul charged up! I mean, really guys, this is rad. Just click the link, Brutal Rhythm (I knowww!), and then we can FaceTime about it...

Here's their official description: "Masary Studios is a team of artists awakening built and natural environments through live music performance and video projection mapping. By unlocking the hidden possibilities of an urban landscape or space, Masary's works are at once a performance, a dissection of architecture, and an immersive visual spectacle."

Did I mention she's also got a non-profit?? (Bostonians, this is Beat Bus aaand Make Music Boston just for reference...)

^No worries, just click and then let yourself fall down a bit of a click-rabbit hole, it's fine.

Here's their blurb: "Kadence Arts is an non-profit organization that incubates artistic projects, curates performances, and engages local communities through music making. Our mission is to unite the community by providing new experiences to support and encourage an appreciation and understanding of how music impacts and enriches our lives. By empowering musicians to break the boundaries of creation, and teaching our community to experiment with self-expression, we’ll create an active ecosystem of art making and learning."

...Also, Swedish/American ensemble, Quartet Kalos. What?!